• Reviewed by: ronno5957  on: 2021/12/28 18:12:37
    !2/28/21 9pm picked up large order of Generals chicken. It's the worst that i've ever had. Chicken was all minute pieces. No spices and too sweet. Have you ever had real Thai/American food. Wasted $12.84 on a shitty meal. I will blog this matter.
  • Reviewed by: harvmotors  on: 2020/8/15 17:28:10
    i am so sorry i have to burn my mouth on hot wok and door dash you guys are the best i love donuts not on door dash and now are forgot to order life sucks they are great keep up the good work customer for life
  • Reviewed by: rmarsh3  on: 2020/7/12 14:22:24
    I love your food. We try to buy once a week. One question though, Why do you use yellow rice for your fried rice? I do not understand.
  • Reviewed by: harvmotors  on: 2020/5/2 19:52:26
    my first order from them and door dash .how good are they my food was so hot and good .
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2020/4/17 15:02:41
    hot, fresh, and very good I must stop short of calling it "excellent."
  • Reviewed by: rickl7265  on: 2020/3/12 10:49:42
    you deliver?
  • Reviewed by: rickl7265  on: 2020/3/12 10:49:29
    you deliver?
  • Reviewed by: scottdenise69  on: 2020/10/14 10:15:59
    love hot wok quick and flavorful. great lunch menu
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