• Reviewed by: rmarsh3  on: 2020/7/12 14:22:24
    I love your food. We try to buy once a week. One question though, Why do you use yellow rice for your fried rice? I do not understand.
  • Reviewed by: harvmotors  on: 2020/6/26 22:07:23
    had to call store to add to my order young lady very helpful and added to my door dash order very nice .i do not eat out but when i do it will be hot wok and door dash they have it down 22 min hot and great.i see that i am the last review but i have a car lot and 89 persent of the happy people will not review you but the 11 persent will leave ugly reviews i dont think you can dothat on hot wok always hot and good
  • Reviewed by: harvmotors  on: 2020/5/2 19:52:26
    my first order from them and door dash .how good are they my food was so hot and good .
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2020/4/17 15:02:41
    hot, fresh, and very good I must stop short of calling it "excellent."
  • Reviewed by: rickl7265  on: 2020/3/12 10:49:42
    you deliver?
  • Reviewed by: rickl7265  on: 2020/3/12 10:49:29
    you deliver?
  • Reviewed by: uylino  on: 2012-07-12T15:30:34.308-07:00
    They really know how to cook Chinese foods.
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